About Us

Indian carpets are beautiful hand woven rugs that capture and tell the history of an entire culture. Great care is taken in their production and the hard work and labour put in result in an amazing tapestry of talent. Expect to see repeating designs and patterns with a subtle use of colour to evoke a sense of history and bring a touch of culture to the home.

Carpets from India are famous for their high density of knotting. Hard-knotted carpets are popular in India and are a signature marking of Indian weavers. Since the 11th Century when carpet weaving was introduced into India, the industry has been growing and improving. Today Indian weavers are well known for their presentation of realistic attributes and their attention to detail.

The northern part of India is where the Indian carpet industry in centered. The carpet export market has directly benefitted many of the underprivileged in the region and helped to improve some levels of poverty and unemployment there. By purchasing an Indian made carpet, not only are you bringing a conversation-starting showpiece into your home, you’re also helping those in need.

Our online showcase features a range of Indian carpets from leading weavers. Buy a carpet that fits with the interior of your home or office and matches the furniture and decor. Your new interior decoration will bring a warmth and vibrancy to any room, and is sure to be a showpiece in any room.

With our same day or next day shipping you will have your new carpet in no time, and as with all www.wraprug.com, you know you’re getting the absolute pinnacle in quality. Each of our Indian carpet is unique, and a range of sizes is available to meet your specifications. Rest assured knowing you are purchasing an authentic piece that will be admired for generations to come.

Quality Matters

Wraprug has curated a selection of decor based on quality specifications. Rugs can serve as a bridge to a more appealing space. It’s equally important to sustain that bridge from rotting.

Rugs on wraprug have more stitches per square inch than your average cloth. Colorfast dyes to hold the color of your cloth longer in the presence of light, moisture, heat, and cleaning products. The majority of selections are of wool, bringing you a very durable material.